Resonant Engine
Bridging all the different systems together.

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Resonant Engine is a Minecraft modding engine that provides an easy, flexible energy framework and compatibility bridges between various energy systems in Minecraft.

Why Us?

Out of all the electricity APIs, what makes us different? Here’s what.

Universally Compatible
Invoke and forget. Don’t worry about making it work with other systems, that’s our job.
Easy Implementation
Implementing multiple energy system is as easy as adding one annotation to your class. UE allows you to focus your time on content rather with the messy stuff.
Flexible & Extensible
Resonant Engine contains an extensible network which allows you to add your own custom network over it.
Open Source
Resonant Engine is licensed under the LGPL v3.0 license and available on GitHub.

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Many thanks to everyone who contributed to Universal Electricity!




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